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In today’s economy, why is cost optimization so important?

Cost optimization is increasingly becoming a priority for businesses in order to remain competitive in the market, which is why it is vital to focus on it today. Our goal is to help our customers identify and utilize under-utilized resources to provide immediate cost savings. As part of your first cost optimization engagement, we believe you will be able to identify and implement some of these opportunities quickly.

Review list of unused VMs
Determine VMs that are no longer needed
Deallocate and save
What are the benefits of Cost Optimization?

Full-cost optimization engagements typically take more than a month to complete in all sizes. Focusing on under-utilized resources significantly accelerates the process allowing for cost savings to be recognized sooner.

It is clear that customers are seeking to optimize their environment in a number of ways. The topics of cost, operation excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security could also be discussed. There are risks to each of these pillars and, as a change in one pillar may have an adverse or positive impact on another, they must be balanced. As we work with our customers, of all sizes, as they assess how to manage the critical needs of their company, cost optimization is always top of mind.

Quickly identify and optimize action opportunities

Analysing a specific set of resources could help accelerate the investigation, identify resource owner and bring tactical teams together to draw up an action plan.

Choose a non-production resource
Build a team
Gather data
Build and execute a plan

With a view to taking advantage of immediate cost savings activities, the focus on nonproduction resources could facilitate decision making and implementation. First, we need to assess the resources which may be unutilised and build a team that will cooperate with each other in order to help achieve cost optimisation. Cooperation in resource review is important, since it allows us to gain a better understanding of the purpose of resources owned by individuals.